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I see curls as a gift of nature.

They frame your face, make you look younger and give you individuality.

I just love how, with some gentle care and the right products, dehydrated frizzy curls spring back to life and reveal themselves in all their full glory, giving you shine, depth, colour and movement to your hair.  Nikki


I'm Nikki Sampson and my passion is to help other curly ladies embrace their natural curls.

For many years I was never happy with my curly, frizzy hair, apart from the 1980s when even I had perms!  I was always looking for the miracle product that would change my relationship with my hair.  

Unfortunately the hairdressing industry as a whole treats curls the same as straight hair.  There is hardly any specialist training and many products marketed at curly hair are a let down and a waste of money.  I had to travel many miles to find a hairdresser who understood curls and didn't want to straighten or fluff them up.

This inspired me at the grand age of 51 to take the plunge to go to college and train in hairdressing so that I could go on to specialise and help curly ladies  rediscover and love their curls.   I then travelled to London one day a week  for 6 months to learn from Lindsey Curl Whisperer, before taking an advanced level 2 DevaCurl course in New York in 2017.  click here.

I now have a curl-dedicated salon in Shrewsbury and it was a great privilege to host an evening with Lorraine Massey, the pioneer of curly hairdressing, and to undertake curl by curl training with her in 2018.

 It is very rewarding to work with different curl types, meet so many curly ladies and hear their stories of frustration with their hair, but then share their delight in their transformation.  

There is no 'conveyor-belt hairdresssing' at Curl Confidence - you will receive one-to-one attention from me without any other clients in the room.  This is your time to enjoy your curls in a beautiful peaceful setting.

On these pages you will only find pictures of natural, real life curls of my clients - not the  glossy, artificial pictures of models with manufactured curls found on many salon web sites.

In the salon I cut your hair dry, I do not use brushes or combs.

Normally I use only three products on your hair - a wash, a conditioner and a styling gel (and lots of water).  No need for bond builders such as K18/Olaplex, leave-ins or heated deep conditioning/steam/mist treatments/finger or Denman brush curling.  No ring lights or filters are used to artificially enhance the photos.  The shine you see in the curls is from hydration and I show you how to achieve that at home.

I have been working from my curl studio in a historic part of the town centre at Bellstone Court, Shrewsbury since May 2018.  Access is via a steep flight of stairs.  

I am open for pre-booked appointment only Tuesdays to Fridays, and some Saturdays by arrangement.

You may be contacted about your booking by Savina (my sister) who handles bookings and admin duties for me.

Curl Confidence salon at Bellstone Court, Shrewsbury

We are all unique
Here we see  3 different curl types all from the same head. 
That is why I don't categorise or classify your hair with numbers or letters. 
We are all different.

Beautiful bouncy curls
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