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Discover what your curls can really do!

Before and after curly cut
Goodbye frizz - hello curls

Here are just a few snippets from more than 100   5* reviews/recommendations by clients who have rediscovered their curls with Curl Confidence.  

"After years of battling with my curls, hair salon disasters and disappointments I have finally experienced a hair appointment where I am left truly delighted and amazed with the results!!! 
My consultation involved much needed advice and education about products and application of products and before and after care. 
Nikki showed me how to wash/ condition and style my hair and I am left with the most gorgeous curls..... Cannot believe it was there all the time!!! 
Cannot thank you enough Nikki, my search for a curl loving hair stylist is over!!!"   DEBBIE

"Nikki explains clearly the whys and wherefores of curly hair...AND what we all do wrong! ! With one treatment my hair looked very different and continues to improve following her advice. What I loved is the fact that Nikki is not on the sell, no product promoting, no pushing a 2nd appointment. What Nikki promotes is. .'understand and love your curly hair'."  ALISON

"I was extremely anxious about my appointment but after months of research I knew Curl Confidence was the place I needed to be.

I have never left a hairdressers with my curly hair looking amazing and styled by the hairdresser….ever!!!

So I was very emotional and amazed when I left embracing my natural curls and feeling beautiful.

The 2 hour journey was completely worth it to gain valuable knowledge on products and styling and I cannot wait to return again next year!"


"I am so pleased I had my consultation and it is well worth every penny, I didn't think I would ever love my curls again after years of straightening damage, thank you." JENNIE


"What a transformation, under all that frizz was some actual curls and Nikki brought them back to life!

Having a stylist who knows how to cut and treat curly hair is a godsend after years of most hairdressers being very wary especially as it is so thick as well.

A great experience with fab results but most importantly I came away with the knowledge to do the same myself so thank you so very much."  KATE

"The results are amazing! Thank you so much for changing the way I think about my curly hair I realise it's a blessing not a curse."   JANE

 "I have always hated my curls but am now learning to love them"  SUE



Yvette had a long-held fear of hairdressers after a bad hairdressing experience as a child.  It took a lot of courage to visit Curl Confidence for a cut and coaching session.  Her curls were cut dry where they live on her head with particular attention to her curl pattern so there was no unexpected loss of length or ledges.  A coaching session helped Yvette understand why her hair was frizzy and how to bring out those gorgeous curls with the right washing technique and products.


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